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Barra Magazine

The first quarterly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed and Queer magazine in the Arab world.

Bekhsoos Online Magazine

Is an Arab lesbian online magazine published quarterly by Meem. They cover topics related to homosexuality in the Arab world. Their objective is to fill the gap of lesbian-produced writing in the Arab world through documentation and reports, opinion pieces, and creative work.They believe in the incredible wealth of LBTQ women’s stories and experiences out there that have not yet been put forth enough online or in print…”

This site is designed to serve the needs and interests of women who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (including female-to-male and male-to-female trans* people in any state of transition), and who are identified ethnically or culturally with the Arab world, regardless of where they live. This includes women of mixed ethnic heritage, and women who are from non-Arab minority groups that exist within the Arab world.

Hi ….I am a Saudi Arabian and yes I’m gay.
I have built this web-site to to tell the Arabic World that we are here and we do exist , No matter how you attack us or how you ignore us, we are still here.

We want the Arabic societies to accept us -the Arabian gays and lesbians- we don’t call for licentiousness we just call to be understood and to be accepted by the Arabian Governments and societies as members of them.

Arabian governments MUST stop punishing and execution of innocent people for just being their selves . We don’t harm anyone and we certainly don’t destruct the societies, We just want to live our lives in honesty, peace and no fear!

What is my crime?? Is it because I am (ME), if is it so, then am sorry for being (ME).

Mideast Guys Blog

A website for mideast gay guys. It contains naked ‘middle-eastern’ and Arab men pictures.
Here is their disclaimer: This site and its links contain sexually explicit material. This site is intended solely for individuals who are of legal age to view suchmaterial in the place where the material is being viewed, and who donot find such material offensive.

Arab-Gay.comGallery, personals, forums, and our other features. (Contains explicit pictures that are only suitable for adults)


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