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On Wednesday, November 12, 2008
in 08-11-13

On Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Egypt State security forces threaten to kill the mother of Mr.(Redda
Abdel-Rahman Ali) When she tried to ask them about the whereabouts of her son,
who was kidnapped earlier by them.

1- Fearing for the life of her son, the mother of Mr.Redda Abdel-Rahman Ali,
and her two daughters (Azza, and Hebba), went to the center of the State
Security forces in (Kafr Saqr), to ask about the whereabouts of her son who was
taken away from his home on Sunday October, 26 last month, and they have not
heard from him. Their Attorneys were unable to find anything about him or about
where he is being kept.

She was met by their police forces who would not allow her to (even) inquire
about him, when she asked to speak to the officer in charge – Officer Ahmed
Khedr-; they refused to let her see him. When she insisted on meeting him to
find out where and what have they done to her son, she saw the officer in charge
walking with a police high ranking office. She waited with her daughters till
the high ranking officer departed the center, but then the officer in charge,
Ahmed khedr, attacked her and her daughters and insulted her with the most
brutal and filthy language, he then ordered his troops to point their guns
towards them and threatened them with death if they do not leave the place
immediately, he himself drew his gun and pointed it at them with the same
threats. He also threatened one of the daughters that he would arrest her and
get her kicked out of her university. His troops followed his orders and pushed
and shoved the mother and both her daughters out of the building, committing in
the process some sexual harassment to all of them. A law suit will be filled
against that officer along with the minister of interior for these violations
and misconduct and abuse of power.

2- The International Quranic Center holds Gamal Mubarak, son of the president,
personally responsible for their safety and the safety of Mr. Redda Abdel-Rahman
as well as ALL the Quranists in Egypt, Gamal Mubarak is the de facto Ruler in
Egypt, and the minister of interior, Habib El-Adly- reports to him and follows
his orders to the letter.

3- the International Quranic Center, urges ALL the human rights organizations
in Egypt and worldwide, to support and help bring to an end the tyranny of this
regime and to stand firmly against the minister of interior Habib El-Adly who
terrorizes the Egyptian population and intimidates women and children and
misuses his authority to repress the Egyptian people.


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