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This organization of People Pro-God consists of Quranists who live by the Quran and interpret it through the use of logic, sound reason, self-referencing and sound knowledge of Classical Arabic; applying it in its pre-Islamic sense, as best and as logically as that can be discerned. That means that meanings of words that originated after the Quran cannot be read into the Quran and those meanings that could have existed before Islam in Pre-Islamic Arab society, full of animists, polytheists, Christians, Jews and agnostics can be applied to the words used in the Quran. The language of the Quran is the language of the Pre-Islamic “pagan” Arab, Christian Arab, and Jewish arab, but the message of the Quran is God’s.

A Quranist organization follows the rules of the Quran and judges by the Quran, doing this with logic, intelligence and careful scrutiny of the book. They do not follow or try to apply what they don’t understand. This Quranist organization of People Pro-God understands that the fasting of the month of Ramadan does not necessarily consist in following the Islamic or pre-Islamic calendar and fasting during a month called Ramadan, rather it is fasting 30 days in a period of constant or intense heat, no matter what the location or time.

This is the original, universal meaning of the word. This organization of People Pro-God believes that prayer in the Quran is encouraged and it is only laid down as a requisite to pray at dawn and at dusk, including the times of night that join into these two times. Despite this, we believe that God accepts the prayer of His servants whether they pray 2 or 20 times a day, as long as that does not hinder them from fulfilling their duty to God in other necessary ways. From the Quran and the Classical Arabic language the prayer of a Quranist consists of no more than setting apart a time for God to focus on Him, bowing or kneeling. This is a part of the simplicity of the religion of the Quran. More than this is not required but it is not forbidden either.

In Classical Arabic the word Salat also means adherence, blessings, commendations and oratory. All of which we are to do for God’s sake. This Quranist organization of People Pro-God encourages charity and understands that the Classical Arabic word Zakat is bigger than just charity or any poor-tax. It means working towards and offering betterment, growth and vindication. God promotes the unification, success, organization and cooperation of those loyal to Him, through the words of the Quran. However, it does not promote the idea of empires and subjecting others unwillingly to the rule of others. So the goal of this Quranist organization is not to take over the world, to topple or replace existing unoppressive regimes because of hatred, bias, envy or the will to conquer. Nor does it wish to re-establish the Caliphate, world-wide Shariah, or Quranist domination.

This Quranist organization exists to represent true Quranic government which is government that needs no lord, president or ruler, but whose members are free to leave from its fold and live in peace as non-members or non-subscribers. Its success is in the free-will and desire of every member of this organization to give their commitment, energy and wealth, freely and with love, to its success. God does not force anyone to be loyal to Him and to fulfill their duty to Him and it is not our right to force anyone either.

There is to be no coercion or compulsion as it concerns any rule, philosphy, religion or way of life. The freedom of choice to subscribe to any rule, philosophy, religion or way of life is a freedom that the Quran respects and that every Quranist is to respect as well. This organization of People Pro-God sees a Quranic month as exactly 30 days and that there are only 12 of these months within a, logically, 365 day year which is to be reckoned by the summer solstice. All other means that humanity may derive to calculate and measure are not invalid but should not negate or invalidate this basic consistent, Quranic calendar.

The pilgrimage according to the Quranists of this organization of People Pro-God is understood to be the annual convention of Quranists on common grounds; convening on respected sanctuaries to create bonds, recognize each other and celebrate God, sacrificing to God the animals to be eaten, preparing them and feeding each other and those who are hungry with them. This convening includes the above as some of its Quranically prescribed rites, as well as other rites and activities such as bestowing honors and decorations on each other. This convention is to be held for 3 months, that is, 90 days and it is not necessary to go to Mecca but to any sanctuary erected as a house for God, where the activities of this pilgrimage mentioned in the Quran can be practiced.

These 3 months are to fall at a time in which the season of pilgrimage will fall in both the spring and the winter according to the Quranically derived before-mentioned calendar, using the spring equinox as a middle point. In addition to creating an organization with sustainability and the ability to maintain and support ourselves and others in need as its main purpose, this organization of People Pro-God also is in line with the Quran in that it has as one of its main purposes the goal of being an educational institute, also educating others about its principles and ideals. These principles and ideals, being based in the Quran, stiplulate that we should dedicate ourselves to educating ourselves in the language of the Quran, its rules, regulations, advices, policies, stories and messages.

This also stems into educating ourselves about all of God’s works, as the Quran points out to the fact that the Quran is for those with knowledge and understanding; Including those who serve Him and who also think on and work to form correct ideas about God’s creation. An ‘ayat’ of God is not just a verse, it is any utterance or masterpiece of God. The Quran is not an idol to be worshipped. Its language is not holy. It is not a book that defies comprehension. It was revealed to be carefully studied, scrutinized, discussed, understood and applied. We Quranists believe in all of God’s messengers. We need not testify to their messengership but to the content of their messages. Those sent (Arabic:rasool) by God, and as prophets, have no authority except the message that God revealed to them.

As for Muhammad, God bless him, he was only given the Quran. His personal life is not apart of his prophethood; only what God inspired him to say and how He commanded him to act. Like all prophets we believe he fulfilled his duty to God in every way that he knew how. However, the Quran is the only inspiration that he recieved and the only one he was to preach. Everything aside from that has no relevance to God’s guidance for humanity.

This organization of People Pro-God sees the Torah as Moses’ teachings (God bless him) and can logically only be found in Moses’ actual words. We believe that those who follow the actual words of Moses will be guided. We believe that the Gospel is the teaching of Jesus (God bless him) and can only be found in the actual words of Jesus. Those who truly follow the teachings of Jesus will be guided. As a matter of fact anyone who truly submits themselves to God, no matter where they are on their path, will be guided.

This organization of People Pro-God just as any Quranist organization is a brotherhood. We do not rule over each other and we do not punish each other. We direct in that we educate and communicate, we cooperate and we compensate for our wrongs, to God and to each other or whomever we may have wronged, according to how the Quran instructs us. We stand for God’s religion which according to the Quran includes the freedom to choose the religion, philosophy, or way of life anyone wishes to live by. We do not believe in consuming each other’s wealth in vanity or falsehood, but we use it to support each other as we work to build the success of our community in all ways that strive towards benefit and good.

We are one family and that is the family of Abraham (God bless him and keep him). The tighter, the more cooperative, the more visionary and the more committed this family is the more successful it will be. We appreciate each other for whatever we each have to offer for the goal of our success in this world and in the next. Also we do our best to represent each other when all cannot speak at once, doing our best to be effective in understanding, communicating and being honest in this. A family that works for its success, communicates, educates and sets for itself goals, following the religion of Abraham and upholding God’s message is one destined for success in this life and the next.


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