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Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1993 Sherif Arafa film Terrorism and Barbeque starring Adel Imam.


Adel Imam decides to make use of his new found power. He decides to fulfill his immediate need which was hunger. He was hungry and decided to order Kabab, not only for him, but for all the hostages that he took :). All of a sudden his popularity soars!!

What happens next is that the government refuses to deliver the Kabab – which is by the way ground beef mixed with onions and spices and parsley barbecued on a skewer – delicious. Something that many people in Egypt cant afford to eat anymore.
and the negotiations start , and Adel Imam has sow people helping him, they are not hostages anymore inside, they all realized that their government doesnt give a rat’s ass about them , they wouldnt even feed them.

The situation escallated, the state security forces are here, and willing to do anything to finish this hostage situation which is getting too much coverage on all media, there are too many hostages, and nobody knows who are the terrorist group, and they refuse to negotiate before the Kabab is delivered.
The ‘security’ (security of the Dictator regime) forces try to attack, but the terrorists use butane tanks as bombs which made a great explosion that kept off the security forces.

The way the movie ends is extraordinary!!

The Kabab did come, and everyone ate 🙂 they all were very grateful for Adel Imam and his aids, and worried about what will happen to him

they all came out with the most brilliant idea!!

the security forces were informed that all hostages will be released, and they were released , all of them , including the accidental terrorists, the crowds embraced then and hid them , the were so many many people that the security forces couldnt tell who were the kidnappers . they all came out of the door like a huge river , like a Wallmart Black Friday stampede.

and all’s well that ends well, no one was caught , no one was punished , and everyone has a belly full of delicious Kabab!!

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