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This is the name of a brilliant film – starring the top Egyptian comedian and amazing actor Adel Imam.
In this movie, Adel Imam is a this poor employee and he is married and he has some business with the government , I think he was trying to change his children’s school. There are many coutries that have burocracy, but what we saw Adel Imam go through was insanty not burocracy. The river of people up and down the stairs of this HUGE building , so many many of them, and it is a struggle just to jump out of the river into the office you are trying to enter, only to find two female employees gossiping and preparing the beans and knitting!!

This is reality! in the Arab countries it is , I have seen it with my own eyes. Back to the movie, Adel Imam is having a hard time and it is getting harder and harder to take time off his own work to go to the ministry to try and get his work done with the government.

One day , and he just had it, he is in this ministry in the river of people, going round and round, something happens, the policeman panics and throws his gun, Adel Imam picks it, innocently to give it back , but the officer already thought Adel Imam is irhabi – that means he thought he is a terrorist, all of a sudden , everyone is terrified , on the floor , silent, and he is standing with the gun in his hands!! he has all the power all of a sudden, over all these hundreds of people , he took over the building without even meaning to do it!!

what will he do with this newfound power???


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