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Become an Artist Without Frontiers, TODAY!

Dear Artist,
Do you want to connect with others?
Do you believe your work can and should make a difference?


As artists we gather under one roof, whatever field we are in, whatever culture we come from. We may not all be exposed to poverty or censorship, but many are. If we come together to share our vision, our passion and our problems we can change things, for the better.

If our aims speak to you, join us.

We aim to:

  • Use the power of the web to bring together artists around the world, advance human rights, particularly of artists suffering from imprisonment, censorship or cultural isolation.
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding and build a network of mutual help.
  • Further the education of young and potential artists and help them advance their careers.

BECOME A MEMBER OF AWF: We are open to people who work in the creative arts anywhere in the world.

Membership is FREE and will allow you to:

Have your own web page and gallery. You can use this to talk about your work and background. Show current examples of your work. Your page will be published in conjunction with a WEB Magazine.

Sell your work at an on-line shop. This shop will sell members’ work only. Have access to funds. As a registered charity, AWF will raise funds for projects. You will be eligible for these when available and appropriate.

With the editor’s approval, you can have your work reviewed in the Magazine, and be included in performance events.

Become an AWF member, join us now.


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