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December 04, 2008

The Prop. 8 backlash continues, this time in the form of a parody musical featuring an all-star cast of celebrities posted on website The three-minute Prop. 8 – The Musical was written by Tony winner Marc Shaiman — who admitted that he’d written the piece “six weeks too late” — and directed by Adam Shankman, featuring John C. Reilly as the conniving Prop. 8 leader, Allison Janney as his wife, and Jack Black as Jesus Christ.

Kathy Najimy, Jenifer Lewis, Rashida Jones, and Sarah Chalke pop up on the No on 8 side of the fence, while “California Gays and the People That Love Them” are played by Margaret Cho, John Hill, Andy Richter, and Maya Rudolph, among others, while out actor Neil Patrick Harris appears in a cameo.

Shaiman made headlines in November when he took a Sacramento-based theater director to task for making a donation to Yes on 8. The director had recently acquired the regional theater rights to the Shaiman-composed Hairspray and has since stepped down from his position.

(Michelle Garcia,


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