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Cairo, May 20, 2008, The Egyptian Underground Film Society (EUFS) is proud to announce the world premiere of its first production, All My Life, at Frameline 32, The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, June 19-29, 2008, the world’s oldest and largest queer film festival! All My Life falls firmly into the category of Queer Cinema.

Its protagonists are gay men, and we see their problems facing up to persecution and discrimination, particularly in the wake of the 2001 witch-hunts against them, the most famous being the Queen Boat arrests in which 52 alleged homosexuals were tried in a national security court.

Although Egyptian cinema, since its inception, has presented many homosexual characters, most of these have been comic devices inserted to generate a few cheap laughs. The only serious portrayals of homosexuality have been through a few minor characters in a handful of Egyptian films like Salah Abou Seif’s The Bathhouse of Malatily (1973), Youssef Chahine’s Alexandria… Why? (1978), Asmaa Bakry’s Mendiants et Orgueilleux (1991), Yousry Nasrallah’s Marcides (1993), and Marwan Hamed’s The Yacoubian Building (2007). However, these were presented in a manner so subtle, merely hinted at, to be detected by the initiated.

All My Life tells the story of people whose story remains unheard. It is a tale of difference, of those who have been silenced and forced to disappear. The movie embodies the 1970s feminist quote, “The personal is political.” Even now, human rights activists expect gays and lesbians to wait until other, “more important” issues are resolved. But piecemeal freedom is no freedom at all; and the most important step towards it is making sure the oppressed have a voice.

The title “Toul Omri/All My Life” is based on the title of an Egyptian song from the 1930s, “Toul Omri Ayesh Liwahdi” (“All My Life I’ve Lived Alone”) by Mohamad Abdel-wahab . The song speaks of loneliness while among family and friends, and the search for a soulmate. Other than being the central metaphor for the film, the song (played briefly during the movie) also harks back to the spirit of an age, not so long ago, when society was more liberal and the spread of political fundamentalism had not yet encroached onto the private sphere.

All My Life was shot against overwhelming odds: a no-budget film shot on location in Cairo and California, it took three years to finish and depended on volunteer work and the assistance of the community. Shooting in the street, in borrowed locations and their own homes, the cast and crew of the movie doubled as key grips, boom operators, set builders and refreshment servers. The result was a team effort in every sense of the word.

Despite the risks (all the Egyptian scenes were shot guerrilla-style due to government restrictions on street filming), it was absolutely indispensable for the film to be shot both in Egypt and California. While emigration is a theme of the movie, escape is not a solution: those who are different should not be harassed into abandoning their homeland. By utilizing Arab talent at home and in the diaspora, we hope to spark a dialogue spanning continents and bringing crucial issues out into the open.

According to the film’s director/screenwriter Maher Sabry:

“We all build fences around ourselves to protect ourselves from pain; that’s why it’s easy, when we see others treated unjustly, to assume that they must have done something to deserve punishment. It’s especially easy if they believe differently from us or live a lifestyle we don’t approve of. Then it comes around to us, and others say the same.. and so on until we all know what it feels like to be oppressed.”

With the rise of the wave of conservatism in Egypt and the Arab world in recent years, artists have become increasingly unable to tackle a number of subjects that were dealt with in Egyptian cinema in the past. Last year, following the screening of Egyptian film The Yacoubian Building, 112 members of the Egyptian Parliament – one-quarter of the total – signed a petition demanding the removal of the scenes portraying the only homosexual character in the film. And yet, the portrayal of the gay character in Yacoubian Building is tame compared to the one in The Malatili Bathhouse in 1973, more than thirty years earlier. All My Life, a product of guerrilla filmmaking, breaks every taboo imposed by Egyptian censorship, sexual, social and political. According to the director,

“Censorship is a knife in the heart of any artistic movement. The censor treats me like a child, telling me, as a person, what to read, what to hear, what to watch, and therefore how to think, how to express myself. All this is done in the name of “protecting the public interest” but in fact it is “protecting power-holders and political interests. Censorship only flourishes in countries with corrupt and tyrannical governments afraid of a rise in public awareness; it guarantees the maintenance of the status quo. Just as the Internet revolution has opened the door to people to express themselves uncensored, so the digital filmmaking revolution has given me the same opportunity. I knew from the start that my movie would never officially be allowed a public screening; but I’m confident that people will see it, because where there is corruption, video piracy is all the rage. When the festivals are over, it’ll be for sale on the sidewalks like all banned films. This way, I know I may not recoup the money I spent on the film, but at least I’ll have achieved self-fulfillment.”

Director/screenwriter Maher Sabry “was the first director to portray gay and lesbian love in lyrical and sympathetic manner on stage, in fact in the Egyptian media as a whole…” (Arts and the Islamic World, vol.35). His work as a gay activist for Egyptian LGBT, including alerting the international community to the notorious Queen Boat arrests of 2001, and helping its victims, earned him the Felipa de Souza Award, in 2002, from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC). He has made several short films and a documentary. “All My Life” is his first feature length.


For more information, or an interview with the director, please email Pakinam Refaat, at

EUFS was founded in 2005 by a group of artists and intellectuals seeking a creative outlet away from the restrictions of censorship and conservative production values. EUFS is open to new members, both independent filmmakers and supporters of creative freedom. If you’d like more information about EUFS, or are interested in joining the group, please e-mail Sarah at

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ردًا على طلب المفتي بحرق فيلم “طول عمري”: المفتي مازال يعيش في العصور الوسطى

القاهرة — ردًا على مفتى مصر الأسبق الدكتور نصر فريد واصل، ومطالبته بمصادرة فيلم طول عمري و”حرقه فوراً”، تعلن الجمعية المصرية للافلام المهمشة عن اسفها لما صدر عن المفتي على لسان مخرج الفيلم ماهر صبري: “احنا في القرن الواحد والعشرين لكن لسه فيه اصوات عايشين في العصور الوسطى وبتنادي بحرق كل اللي يخالفهم في الرأي.
حضارتنا في الشرق (او الحضارة الاسلامية) ازدهرت لما كانت الحرية في بلادنا هي الطابع الغالب وسقطت الحضارة دي مع حرق الكتب ومصادرة الرأي الآخر وتكفير المعارضين. تصريح المفتي الاسبق واللي بيمثله من سلطة دينية بيؤدي لتطرف اكتر وتحجر في الرآي اكتر.”

وكان الفيلم قد عرض في مهرجان “فريم لاين” يوم ٢٢ يونيو بسان فرنسيسكو، حيث اكتظت السينما بالجمهور بينما اصطف الكثيرون امام شباك التذاكر. وفي نهاية الفيلم ومع عرض تيترات الفيلم، وقف الكل و ضجت القاعة بالتصفيق. وتناولت الندوة التي تلت الفيلم موضوعات كالجنس والسياسة والعلاقة بينهما.” الحياة الشخصية جزء لا يتجزأ من السياسة العامة” عبارة تكررت طوال الندوة، حيث ناقش الجمهور مع المخرج كيف يمثل قهر الاقليات الجنسية الخطوة الاولى والاسهل في سلسلة من الاجراءات لبتر الحريات الاخرى. ومن هنا فلا عجب من رد التقليديين على الفيلم.

اما عن تصريح المفتي فقال المخرج:

“انا مش مستغرب من اللي حصل. دي حاجة كنت متوقعها، ورغم كدة لسة وقعها علىّ مؤلم، لانه مؤشر للحال اللي وصلنا ليه من تخلف. احنا دلوقت عايشين في عصر الردة الثقافية. عصر بيتسجن فيه المخالف في الرأي والمرشح الجمهوري والاقليات الدينية. احنا بنتشدق بالحضارة الاسلامية لكن لو الناس اللي بنو الحضارة دي كانو اتولدو في عصرنا الي عايشينه دلوقت كانت حاتطلع فتاوي ضدهم وكانو حيحرقوا كتبهم واعمالهم.”

كما تعلن الجمعية أيضًا عن اسفها لما صدر عن مدير برنامج مكافحة الايدز في مصر الدكتور زين العابدين وتصريحه بأن الفيلم ” ضربة موجعة لكل الجهود التى نبذلها لمكافحة فيروس الايدز “. رغم ان الدكتور زين العابدين لم يشاهد الفيلم فقد بنى رأيه فقط على انه يتناول حياة المثليين جنسيًا. وقد قال في حديثه للعربية نت: ” ان الممارسات الجنسية غير الطبيعية تأتي في المرتبة الثانية لاحتمالات الاصابة بهذا المرض بعد نقل الدم”. موحيًا بأن فيروس نقصان المناعة ومرض الايدز لا يصيبان إلا المثليين. وقد تغاضی بذلك عن الحقائق العلمية وارقام الإحْصائِيّات التي تشير الى ان مرض الايدز ينتشر ايضًا بين المغايرين جنسيًا والاطفال. فللأسف ان هذه التصاريح توحي بان المرض لا يصيب الا فئات معينة دون الاخرى، مما يشعر عامة الناس بالأمان الزائف ويوزيد من انتشار المرض.

وعن تصريح مدير برنامج مكافحة الايدز صرح ممثل الجمعية المصرية للافلام المهمشة “نحن نعيش نفس الاحداث التي مرت بها الولايات المتحدة في عصر الرئيس ريجان، الذي فرض اجندته الايديولوجية، حين تم التعتيم على الاسباب الحقيقية لفيروس نقصان المناعة ومرض الايدز والخداع الاعلامي بان المرض يصيب المثليين دون غيرهم مما ادى الى كارثة انتشار المرض. وللاسف الشديد ان حالة إنكار الحقائق التي نعيشها والتكتم ورفض المناقشة العلنية للمواضيع الحساسة والتي تمس الناس يؤدي الى احداث لا تحمد عواقبها.”

كما قال المخرج ماهر صبري: “رغم اني كنت متوقع الهجوم على الفيلم من كل الاوساط التقليدية الا ان تصريح الدكتور زين العابدين كان مفاجأة. مش قادر افهم إزاى الدكتور يعتبر ان فيلمي هو الضربة الموجعة لجهود المركز في الوقت اللي الحكومة المصرية بتقبض فيه على مرضى الايدز وتحاكمهم بتهمة الفجور ، والناس اللي عرضة للمرض خايفة تهوب ناحية المركز او المستشفيات الحكومية. لكن ده مؤشر للحالة العامة في مصر بين الاوساط المتعلمة اللي مابتقدرش تفرق بين الحقائق العلمية ومعتقداتهم الخاصة سواء كانت دينية او اجتماعية او خُرافية، وبتخدع الناس اللي بيثقوا فيهم على انهم السلطة العلمية.”

ان اتفاق السلطة الدينية والسلطة العلمية في مقال العربية نت لا يمثلان رأي كل المصريين ولكنه ايضًا دَلالَه على التجاهل الكامل للاراء غير التقليدية وتنحية التيار المتحرر جانبًا. وعدم أخذ رأيه وتجاهله تمامًا مما يزيد من حالة التردي الفكري للبلاد.

تأسست الجمعية المصرية للافلام المهمشة في سنة ٢٠٠٥ بواسطة مجموعة من الفنانين والمثقفين الذين يسعون إلی مَخرج إبداعي بعيدًا عن تعسفات الرقابة وقيم الانتاج المتحفظة. الجمعية تقبل أعضاء جدد من صانعي الافلام المستقلة/الحرة ومُناصري الحرية الابداعية. للمزيد من المعلومات عن الجمعية، أو للإنضمام لها، الرجاء إرسال رسالة اليكترونية إلی سارة علی العنوان التالي:

يقدّم فيلم “طول عمري” حكاية أناس لم نسمع عن حكايتهم من قبل. إنها حكاية الإختلاف عن الآخر، وقصة اولئك الذين أُجبروا على الصمت والعيش في الخفاء. يقول مخرج الفيلم، ماهر صبري: “الرقابة عبارة عن خنجر في قلب الحركة الإبداعية. الرقيب بيعاملني زي الطفل بيحدد لي كإنسان أقرا إيه، وأسمع إيه، وأشوف إيه. وبالتالي بيحدد لي أفكر إزاي وأعبّر إزاي. كل ده باسم “حماية الصالح العام” لكن بالفعل هو حماية السلطة والكرسي”.

تمّ تصوير “طول عمري” في مدينتي القاهرة وسان فرانسيسكـو رغم كل الصعوبات، وإستغرق تصويره ثلاث سنوات. موسيقى الفيلم للملحن اللبناني الدكتور إلياس ايليا. أما الممثلون فتتطوعوا وتوافدوا من مصر، لبنان، العراق، السعودية، البحرين، ليبيا، المغرب، المكسيك والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لإنجاز هذا الفيلم الضخم.

القاهرة، في ٢٠ مايو (أيّار) ٢٠٠٨ — يسرّ الجمعية المصرية للافلام المهمشة أن تعلن عن العرض العالمي الأول لإنتاجها الأول، فيلم “طول عمري”، ضمن مهرجان فرايم لاين 32 ، مهرجان سان فرانسيسكـو السينمائي الدولي للافلام المثلية من ١٩ حتى ٢٩ يناير (حزيران)، وهو المهرجان الأقدم والأضخم لأفلام أحرار الجنس في العالم!

وفيلم “طول عمري” يندرج في خانة سينما أحرار الجنس الجديدة. يتناول الفيلم حياة بعض المثليين والمشاكل التي تواجههم في ظل التمييز الإجتماعي والإضطهاد نحوهم، خاصةً بعد الحملات التعسفية ضدهم التي إزدادت منذ سنة ٢٠٠١ وأشهر تلك الحملات قضية الـكوين بوت والتي قبض فيها علی ٥٢ رجلٍ بإدعاء أنهم مثليون جنسيًا وجرت محاكمتهم في محاكم أمن الدولةعنوان الفيلم “طول عمري” مُستوحى من أغنية “طول عمري عايش لوحدي” من الثلاثينات للموسيقار المرحوم محمد عبد الوهاب. موضوع الأغنية هو العيش وحيداً بين “الأهل والخلّان”، والبحث عن رفيق الروح. هذه الأغنية التي عُزفت بشكل مُقتضب في الفيلم ليست فقط إستعارة أدبية رئيسية بل تعبّر عن زمن غير بعيد كان المجتمع فيه متحرراً أكثر ولم يكن إنتشار الأصولية السياسية قد إنتهك الحريات الشخصية بعد.

تمّ تصوير “طول عمري” في مدينتي القاهرة وسان فرانسيسكـو رغم كل الصعوبات، وهو فيلم بدون ميزانية إستغرق تصويره ثلاث سنوات، وإعتمد على عمل المتطوعين. تمّ التصوير في الشارع وفي بيوت المتطوعين. ساهم الممثلون والمساعدون في تشغيل آلة الصوت وحمل الميكروفون وبناء الديكور وتقديم المرطبات. هذا الفيلم هو مِثال لتعاون فريق العمل المتعاضد بكل ما في الكلمة من معنى.رغم كل المخاطر، كون كل المَشاهد في مصر قد صُوّرت على طريقة “الغوريلا” (أي صَوّر وأهرب) بسبب القيود التي تفرضها الدولة على التصوير في الشارع، كان ضرورياً تصوير الفيلم في مصر وكاليفورنيا. ورغم أنّ الهجرة هي من مواضيع الفيلم، فإن الهروب ليس حلاً. لا يجوز التضييق على مَن هم مختلفين حتى يتخلوا عن موطنهم. إستعنّا في هذا الفيلم بالمواهب العربية في العالم العربي وبلاد المهجر آملين إرسال شرارة الحوار عبر القارات ونقل الحوار حول مسائل هامّة الى العلن.

ويقول مخرج الفيلم، ماهر صبري، وهو أيضًا كاتب السيناريو والحوار: “كلنا بنبني اسوار حوالين نفسنا علشان نحميها من الوجع والالم. علشان كدة لما بنشوف الظلم بيحصل لغيرنا اسهل حاجة نعملها اننا نقنع نفسنا ان ده مش حيحصلنا، لأن أكيد ضحاية الظلم عملوا حاجة تستوجب عقابهم. ويمكن الضحاية دول بيؤمنوا بآفكار غير أفكارنا أو بيعيشوا بطريقة مش على مزاجنا فيبقى الموضوع اسهل بكتير. ولما العجلة تدور ونقع تحتيها حنلاقي غيرنا بيقولوا لنفسهم نفس الكلام لحد مايبقاش فيه حد ماداقش الظلم.”

مع تزايد الموجة المتحفظة والمتشددة في مصر والعالم العربي في السنوات الأخيرة، أصبح الفنان العربي لا يستطيع أن يتناول الكثير من الموضوعات التي تناولتها السينما المصرية في الماضي. مثال علی ذلك، في العام الماضي عندما عُرض الفيلم المصري “عمارة يعقوبيان، ” قام 112 عضو من اعضاء مجلس الشعب، ربع اعضاء المجلس، بالتوقيع على بيان يطالبون فيه بحذف مشاهد الشخصية المثلية. وبالمقارنة بين الطريقة التي قُدمت بها الشخصية المثلية في هذا الفيلم وبين الطريقة التي قدمت بها الشخصية المثلية مثلًا في فيلم “حمام الملاطيلي” (١٩٧٣) نجد ان مخرج “عمارة يعقوبيان” كان أكثر تحفظًا من نظيره في السبعينيات. فيلم “طول عمري”، واللذي صور بطريقة تعرف باسم سينما الغوريلا يقوم بكسر كل التابوهات والمحرمات التي تفرضها الرقابة المصرية، سواء كانت جنسية أو إجتماعية أو سياسية.

وعن ذلك يقول مخرج الفيلم: “الرقابة عبارة عن خنجر في قلب الحركة الإبداعية. الرقيب بيعاملني زي الطفل بيحدد لي كإنسان أقرا إيه، وأسمع إيه، وأشوف إيه. وبالتالي بيحدد لي أفكر إزاي وأعبّر إزاي. كل ده باسم “حماية الصالح العام” لكن بالفعل هو “حماية السلطة والكرسي” الرقابة مش موجودة غير في البلاد اللي تحت حكومات فاسدة ومستبدة واللي بتخاف إن شعبها يكون عنده وعي وبكده تضمن ان الوضع يفضل على ماهو عليه. وزي ما ثورة الإنترنت فتحت الباب للتاس اتها تعبر عن نفسها بالكتابة من غير رقابة ، ثورة صناعة الافلام الديجيتال حققتلي نفس الفرصة.
من البداية وانا عارف ان الفيلم بتاعي مش حايتسمح له يتعرض بشكل رسمي لكن متأكد إن الناس حاتشوفو لان تحت الفساد، قرصنة الڤيديو شغالة علی ودنه. يعني بعد المهرجانات حتلاقي الفيلم بيتباع عالرصيف مع كل الافلام الممنوعة. يمكن بالطريقة دي مش حاعوض تكاليف الفيلم، لكن حأحقق إشباع ذاتي.”

ماهر صبري مخرج سيبمائي ومسرحي ورسام كاريكاتير. كان “أول مخرج يقدم الحب بين المثليين والمثليات بشكل شاعري علی خشبة المسرح [المصري]، بل وفي وسائل الإعلام كافة… (الفن والعالم الإسلامي، المجلد الـ35) ادى عمله كنشط من أجل حقوق المثليين في مصر، الذي يتضمن العمل على إعلان قضية الكوين بوت في 2001 ومساعدة ضحاياها، الى حصوله على جائزة فليپة دو سوزا، في سنة 2002، من المنظمة الدولية لحقوق الانسان من المثليين والمثليات. قام بإخراج عدة افلام قصيرة وتسجيلية. “طول عـمري” هو اول فيلم روائي طويل له. للمزيد من المعلومات، او لمقابلة صحافية مع المخرج، الرجاء إرسال رسالة عبر البريد الإلكتروني إلی پاكينام رفعت علی العنوان التالي:

تأسست الجمعية المصرية للافلام المهمشة في سنة ٢٠٠٥ بواسطة مجموعة من الفنانين والمثقفين الذين يسعون إلی مَخرج إبداعي بعيدًا عن تعسفات الرقابة وقيم الانتاج المتحفظة. الجمعية تقبل أعضاء جدد من صانعي الافلام المستقلة/الحرة ومُناصري الحرية الابداعية. للمزيد من المعلومات عن الجمعية، أو للإنضمام لها، الرجاء إرسال رسالة اليكترونية إلی سارة علی العنوان التالي: پـاكينام رفـعـت القاهرة، مصر

Web site: Photo Gallery:

Cover Image

Brian Whitaker

Unspeakable Love

Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East

$21.95, paperback
Available Now

264 pages, 6 x 9 inches,
November 2006, Only available in Include North America

“Casts light on a critically underreported subject matter.”—Washington Blade

“With all the reams of Western paper devoted to the study of the Middle East, remarkably little has been said about the status of gay men and lesbians in Arab and Islamic cultures and religious texts. U.K. journalist Whitaker builds an important first bridge across this gap. “—Out

“The book boldly delves into one of the biggest taboos in modern Muslim societies with subtlety and sensitivity, addressing both Arab reformers and interested Western readers. [It] provides fascinating insights into the lives of ordinary gays and lesbians, and how society views and treats them.” —Toronto Globe & Mail

“While directing readers toward the pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel, Whitaker clearly demarcates tradition and family honor as two powerhouses eternally keeping Middle Eastern alternative lifestyles in the dark. . . . Strong, condensed, world-weary portrait infused with hope.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This is an illuminating book on an important topic.”—Publishers Weekly

“I enjoyed and learnt much from Brian Whitaker’s book, which is excellent. It was inspirational to me on the challenges to international law, and the uses of nationalism to suppress dissent within countries.” – Fred Halliday, London School of Economics

“It is high time this issue was brought out of the closet once and for all, and afforded a frank and honest discussion. Brian Whitaker’s humane, sophisticated, and deeply rewarding book, Unspeakable Love, does exactly that.” – Ali Al-Ahmed, Saudi reform advocate and director of the Gulf Institute, Washington

“This book is a compelling read. It captures with detail and with disturbing accuracy the difficulties and dangers facing lesbians and gay men across the Middle East. It helps us to understand the social pressure, the sense of isolation, the anxiety and fear and trauma. And through it all we glimpse also the possibility of hope, of remarkable courage, and perhaps even in the longer term the chance of a more open and accepting society.” – Chris Smith MP, Former UK Secretary of State for Culture

“Brian Whitaker has given us a moving analysis of the hidden lives of Arab homosexuals. This genuinely groundbreaking investigation reveals a side of Arab and Muslim culture shrouded by the strictest taboos. Arab societies can no longer contain their cultural, religious, ethnic or sexual diversity within their traditional patriarchal definitions of the public sphere. Anyone interested in reform in the Arab world must read this book.” – Mai Yamani, Research Fellow at Chatham House and author of Cradle of Islam

Homosexuality is a taboo subject in Arab countries. Clerics denounce it as a heinous sin, while newspapers write cryptically of “shameful acts.” Although many parts of the world now accept sexual diversity, the Middle East is moving in the opposite direction. In this absorbing account, journalist Brian Whitaker calls attention to the voices of men and women who are struggling with gay identities in societies where they are marginalized and persecuted by the authorities. He paints a disturbing picture of people who live secretive, fearful lives and who are often jailed, beaten, and ostracized by their families, or sent to be “cured” by psychiatrists.

Whitaker’s exploration of changing sexual behavior in the Arab world reveals that—while deeply repressive prejudices and stereotypes still govern much thinking about homosexuality—there are pockets of change and tolerance. The author combines personal accounts from individuals in the region with a look at recent Arab films and novels featuring gay characters and conducts a sensitive comparative reading of Christian, Jewish, and Islamic strictures around sexuality. Deeply informed and engagingly written, Unspeakable Love draws long overdue attention to a crucial subject.

Copub: Saqi Books

Brian Whitaker is the Middle East Editor of the Guardian.

Between Memory and Desire: The Middle East in a Troubled Age, by R. Stephen Humphreys

Anissa Hélie

I was born and raised in Algiers, of a French father and an Algerian mother. Having access to both cultures made me realize early on that racism as well as sexism were all pervasive on both sides of the Mediterranean. It took me a few more years to come to the conclusion that homophobia was just as widespread.

Amnesty International counts at least 83 countries where homosexuality is explicitly condemned in the criminal code. Some 26 of these are Muslim. This means that the majority of Muslim countries, including supposedly ‘liberal’ ones like Tunisia as well as dictatorships like Sudan, outlaw same-sex relationships. (1)

The seven countries in the world that carry the death penalty for persons presumed guilty of homosexual acts, justify this punishment with the shari’a or standard interpretation of Muslim jurisprudence. Though not always applied, the existence of the death penalty makes sexual minorities extremely vulnerable. (2)

The state is not alone in practising repression. Communities and families have a part to play. In the Philippines, for example, in 1998 ‘Muslim militia’ launched an anti-gay campaign on the island of Mindanao during which gay Muslims were terrorized, beaten up, and ordered to leave or be castrated.

Jordan does not specifically outlaw homosexuality either, but violence, harassment, persecution and extrajudicial or ‘shame’ killings are not uncommon.

Sex and tradition

Same-sex relationships do take place, even in the most repressive countries.

Sometimes, the very segregation of the sexes allows for intimacy between people of the same gender without it being considered abnormal. For women, cultural patterns may allow particular opportunities for intimacy: it’s fairly acceptable to share a bed with your female cousin, your best friend and so on. And traditional women-only ceremonies may actually enable rural lesbians to make regular contact with other women.

Culture is not, therefore, always against us and there are positive examples of same-sex relationships to be found in different Muslim cultures. Nor is invisibility always required. For example, in some traditional travelling theatres and musical groups in Pakistan, the younger men who play female roles sometimes live as a couple with the group leader. Among such communities, male couples may live love relationships quite openly. There is also an entire body of poetry in local and Urdu literature that is clearly based on male love, yaari. (3) Such examples should not make us forget that homophobia is prevalent, as well as systematically promoted by conservative forces – everywhere.

Conservative manipulation

“The Qu’ran clearly states that homosexuality is unjust, unnatural, transgression, ignorant, criminal and corrupt,” declares the Jamaat-e-Islami, an extreme right politico-religious party in Pakistan. (4)

In fact, the Qu’ran is far from clear on the issue and the controversy regarding the position of Islam and homosexuality is ongoing. For some people, homosexuality is ‘unlawful’ in Islam; for others, the Qu’ran does not clearly condemn homosexual acts.

The only actual reference to homosexuality in the Qu’ran can be found in the sections about Sodom and Gomorrah. While the harsh punishment inflicted on the people of Sodom and Gomorrah at the time of the prophet Lut is for some people a clear proof that Allah meant to eradicate homosexual practice, others argue that there is no specific punishment for homosexuality. The people of Sodom were punished for ‘doing everything excessively’ and for not respecting the rules of hospitality. They insist that it is not the Qu’ran itself that brings condemnation of homosexuals but rather the homophobic culture prevailing in Muslim societies.

In the Women Living Under Muslim Laws Network to which I belong, we maintain that ‘fundamentalism’ is not a return to the ‘fundamentals’ of any given religion. We believe that ‘fundamentalists’ are extreme-right political forces seeking to obtain or maintain political power through manipulation of religion and religious beliefs, as well as other ethnic, culturally-based identities. And the rise of ‘fundamentalism’ is a global phenomena which affects not just Islam but all major religions.

Extremist religious leaders and their followers target sexual minorities and women first. They focus their offensive against homosexuals as well as others who transgress boundaries of ‘acceptable’ behaviour. The very same rhetoric is used to justify repression against homosexuals, feminists or ‘different’ women – who all are systematically denounced as non-Muslim, non-indigenous.

Both extremist religious leaders and state officials are likely to demonize sexual minorities, often as a means to distract from economic crisis or political controversy. For example, one of the very first victims of Algerian fundamentalists was Jean Sénac, a gay poet assassinated in the early 1980s. Also in Algeria, Oum Ali, an unmarried woman living alone with her children in the Southern town of Ouargla, was stoned and her house burned down in 1989, killing her youngest son. (5) These two incidents occurred long before the ‘official’ beginning of the conflict; they reveal the untruth of Algerian fundamentalists’ claims that they only resorted to violence in 1992 after being robbed of victory by the Government’s cancellation of elections. In fact they targeted both homosexuals and women earlier on- but there was hardly anyone to stand up for such ‘second class victims’.

Why sexuality?

Why is sexuality and sexual conformity the focus of so much attention by fundamentalist forces? A possible answer is that people making individual choice appears as a challenge: autonomy – especially for women – is seen as a threat.

It is interesting to note that in past centuries Arabs attributed homosexual behaviour to the bad influence of Persians. Today, it’s much the same story, though the characters may change. In June 2000, Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar stated that homosexuality was ‘against nature’ and – following a call by Human Rights Watch to ban Malaysia’s sodomy law – insisted that: “We can’t amend the country’s laws merely due to calls by outsiders”.

Not just a local or national phenomenon, fundamentalism has taken on a global dimension. Extremist religious leaders from various faiths are coming together to oppose sexual rights. By ‘closing ranks’, coalitions of Christians, Muslims and other fundamentalists affect the international agenda .We saw the effect of such alliances on women’s reproductive rights at the Cairo Conference on Population and Development in 1994. Such alliances also blocked the recognition of the rights of lesbians at both the 1995 World Conference on Women held in Beijing and the review of the Beijing Platform for Action in June 2000.

Of course, similar coalitions influence local political agendas. Take Britain, a secular country with a very vocal extremist Muslim minority. A Muslim-Christian alliance was recently formed to oppose the repeal of Section 28 – a law introduced in 1988 which forbids the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools as ‘a pretended family relationship’. At a conference in May 2000, religious spokesperson Dr Majid Katme stated that “lesbianism is spreading like fire in society. We must vaccinate our children against this curse”. He is supported in this view by Sheikh Sharkhawy – a senior cleric at the prestigious Regent’s Park mosque in central London – who publicly advocates the execution of gay males over the age of 10 and life imprisonment for lesbians. (6)

At least as worrying is the support for fundamentalist politics by the so-called ‘free West’. The help extended by states pretending to defend democracy is not a new phenomenon. Imam Khomeiny was resident in France for several months in 1978, just before going back to Iran to lead the ‘Islamic’ revolution. In Afghanistan, the CIA not only trained the Taliban but has also ‘admitted bringing 25,000 Arab volunteers to fight … against the Red Army’. (7) Incidentally, both those countries – Iran and Afghanistan – currently sentence homosexuals to death.

What does that teach us? First, that the hypocrisy of most political leaders knows no limit: their ever-changing definition of ‘fundamentalism’ allows them to turn against their allies of yesterday, who, if guided by moral values, they should never have got involved with in the first place. Second, it is obvious that economic and geo-strategic concerns always prevail. We can only regret that there are so few allies at the international level who are ready to compromise their interests in order to defend the rights of women and sexual minorities.

Strategies of resistance

Despite a threatening environment, sexual minorities are organizing and becoming more visible in Muslim countries and communities. For example, much research is being carried out to interpret religious texts. The Qu’ran is being re-examined by gay, or gay-friendly, theologians and believers in order to break the monopoly of male homophobic interpretation. To counter the stereotype of homosexuality as foreign, others are engaged in reclaiming homoeroticliterature. (8)

Another positive example is found in Lebanon, where homosexuality is illegal, but a popular weekly TV programme (Al Shater Yahki) has been focusing on sexuality since 1997 and includes gay voices. The fact that they speak from behind masks gives a measure of the risks involved.

Nevertheless, new solidarity associations are being set up (see Action page 28). These organizations are, for obvious security reasons, often located outside Muslim countries and communities. Most of them, however, connect with either individuals or groups within Muslim countries. Whether mainly political, social or religious in their motivation these organizations all aim at breaking the isolation faced by sexual minorities. In Muslim countries and communities, sexual minorities have only just begun Threats of violence and accusations of betraying ones culture and religion has discouraged many from taking a public stand. However, more and more people are rejecting the idea that violence against sexual diversity is ‘divinely sanctioned’.

(1) Amnesty International Report 1998.
(2) The death penalty exists in: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Sudan, Yemen and Chechnya.
(3) Sohail Akbar Warraich, ‘A Walk on the Wild Side: Aspects of Homosexuality in Pakistan’, She Magazine (March/April 2000).
(4) Quote from the Jamaat-e-Islami from Pakistan, Al-Fatiha website.
(5) Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Testimonies of the Global Tribunal on Violations of Women’s Human Rights (Vienna, June 1993).
(6) Raza Griffiths, ‘Hague and Young in pretend family relationship with religious right’, Magazine** Date**
(7) Farhan Bokhari and David Gardner, ‘Pakistan struggles with legacy of Afghan war’, Financial Times 5 July 2000.
(8) Examples include Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi, Ottoman ‘divan literature’, and Ismat Chughtai, twentieth century woman writer from the Indian sub-continent.

Anissa Hélie is a feminist and human-rights activist who has been involved in the International Solidarity Network of Women Living Under Muslim Laws for nearly 15 years.
For more information:

Barra Magazine

The first quarterly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed and Queer magazine in the Arab world.

Bekhsoos Online Magazine

Is an Arab lesbian online magazine published quarterly by Meem. They cover topics related to homosexuality in the Arab world. Their objective is to fill the gap of lesbian-produced writing in the Arab world through documentation and reports, opinion pieces, and creative work.They believe in the incredible wealth of LBTQ women’s stories and experiences out there that have not yet been put forth enough online or in print…”

This site is designed to serve the needs and interests of women who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (including female-to-male and male-to-female trans* people in any state of transition), and who are identified ethnically or culturally with the Arab world, regardless of where they live. This includes women of mixed ethnic heritage, and women who are from non-Arab minority groups that exist within the Arab world.

Hi ….I am a Saudi Arabian and yes I’m gay.
I have built this web-site to to tell the Arabic World that we are here and we do exist , No matter how you attack us or how you ignore us, we are still here.

We want the Arabic societies to accept us -the Arabian gays and lesbians- we don’t call for licentiousness we just call to be understood and to be accepted by the Arabian Governments and societies as members of them.

Arabian governments MUST stop punishing and execution of innocent people for just being their selves . We don’t harm anyone and we certainly don’t destruct the societies, We just want to live our lives in honesty, peace and no fear!

What is my crime?? Is it because I am (ME), if is it so, then am sorry for being (ME).

Mideast Guys Blog

A website for mideast gay guys. It contains naked ‘middle-eastern’ and Arab men pictures.
Here is their disclaimer: This site and its links contain sexually explicit material. This site is intended solely for individuals who are of legal age to view suchmaterial in the place where the material is being viewed, and who donot find such material offensive.

Arab-Gay.comGallery, personals, forums, and our other features. (Contains explicit pictures that are only suitable for adults)

The Google Translator isnt that bad


Islam does not deprive homosexuals

Code provides twice the UAE study on Islam’s position on homosexuality and whether there was a Koranic texts on the subject
We have discovered that the code has been removed, but fortunately we were able to tow parts of the following e
Stories of imagination and reality tell stories homosexuals in the UAE beloved


I should be the objectives of the Code is?
Welcome to the site on the Internet which we will discuss it more to being gay.
Note: will not use the word gay because we are different
What causes homosexuality? Is it a choice? . . .
The best quote: Two forces are great countries in the territory, the force of good and evil, and we have to protect ourselves armor of God at all times, every man, woman and child must be protected by the same shield. The biggest tricks developed by the devil on this earth is to try to convince everyone that he denies, and that he was not convinced. . . .
Must remember these things on the Internet:. . .
1 – There are many people do not tell the truth.
2 – Do not use your real name.
3 – Use e-mail and a special secret.
4 – If the person Ikablk, this is not remarkable as it may think.
5 – do not give your address to anyone.
6 – No phone number given to any person.
7 – Your name must not be real.
8 – the Internet can be great fun, but be careful.
9 – if there is news of the harm you, you trust. . . .

Adjustment asset sexual What causes homosexuality? Is it a choice?

Nationality, whether adjustments to heterosexual pedophiles or similar is not something one can be chosen. Studies confirm that the current adjustments have sex genes and vehicles biome in the human body designed after a short period after the birth of Rights.
Like other gay people discover the sexual needs as part of the phases of growth and maturity. They do not promote or Egowa or learn to become gay.
The choice is owned by homosexuals to live their lives honestly or Insjmwa communities with the requirements of others and realistic for them. There is also other studies to determine whether homosexuality a mental disorder or disease organically? FAO stresses the American Psychiatric that homosexuality is not psychological imbalance. It is also a difference in yield between the psychological heterosexual and homosexual.

Advanced planning for fungible: Is homosexuality is wrong because education.? Or because of poverty or indigence to the religious beliefs and faith?
I believe faith is that God is gay and who created them in each house, and every stratum of society. They are located in rural areas and big cities, and between them. We represent all strata of societies, races and religions.
There is an indication that parents have little impact on citizenship to their children adjustments in normal situations. But this ability to influence only determine the child attached Bhajath whether gay sex or of different pedophiles. Is homosexuality is a result of the use of bad or wrong relationship with another person of the opposite sex? Many people suffered from the relations, such as false or neglected children. But with this grown up and they did not affect the Msthin of gay or otherwise. Many people either double or alternative Msthin established relationships with the opposite sex. Therefore, there is no link between these causes and homosexuality. Is it possible to deal with homosexuality?
Homosexuality is not a disease or psychiatric disorder there is nothing to tackle!.
. . .
Do what? . . Mom and Dad asked me if I was gay, so I said: Do what? They said: No it does not matter … I said: Yes, they said: Get out of our lives … I think it matters! When the major asked me to work whether you are gay … I asked him / Does it matter? Said: No no
Matter … I said yes, I like me ….. Said: You expelled ….. I think it matters!!
When my friends asked me: Are you like me? I said: Does it matter? They said: No ….. I / Yes …… said: Tnadina friends ….. not think it matters!!! When Habibie asked me: Do you ?……. loves me, I said: Does it matter? Said: “Yes …. I said: Yes
…… Love said: Let me Odmk my arms …. For the first time in my life …. There was some concern …. I will not be anything anymore … . .
And I built this site to tell the world that we are here, and we were and that we Onkertm


UAE young man like me trying to tendencies to express himself through this fictional stories to tell about the reality of homosexuals in the UAE beloved age 18, weight 58 dark-color 171 linear Wasim Swimming and form Alaqraip hobbies and writing and identify the different cultures here the stories reflect the reality of gay and concerns And their thoughts and their lives and I am one of them, unfortunately, we are fundamental to our society’s awareness of himself on the nature of their needs and gay life in this modest site tries to deliver voice and knew the world know that the majority Tardhana and Tharbena But diameter diameter rock fragmented rock spot and I hate that All live in happiness and freedom in orientation and the right ideas and expression of puberty and enter your story and read Write Tagayk and your criticism and your opinion is expressed, I am encouraged by continued writing and creativity. We want to Taatqublna Arab societies because we do not call for pornography, but that all what we understood is that as individuals and the community Itqublna. Before that, we must begin to accept homosexuals ourselves, we must understand Our creation from the beginning, and we do not accept any ongoing relationship, but we eternal relations, by looking for a real person who deserves to live with him, and this must be the person you are so last Alaguetkma Forever. If not possible for the communities of Arab Taatqublna What we want is to abolish the death penalty us because we do not Nwve anyone and not to damage the community. What we want is to live our lives honestly and trust and not to be afraid of us. What crimes???
I Do (I)??? And if so, I am sorry to me. . . .
Thank you, my dear, for giving me this great opportunity


Stories of imagination and reality tell stories homosexuals in the UAE beloved

Saturday, May 3, 2008
To prove that Islam is the prohibition of homosexuality / Aldzalool

Islam does not deprive homosexuals

Part I

By: twice UAE

The name of God the Merciful

Pray to God and God of Mohammed and his entourage Alothar the good and peace

Ktermma is a “Muslim” is clear that some people simply misunderstanding of the texts, and follow the rise to no more when studying these texts examine the scientific methodology minutes, and absence of definitive indication that they may be likely to rely on the same provisions of the Almighty, and by association, which includes adherence to Visible role, with the strongest opponent of verses from the explicit prohibition on work by association, on the same terms and follow the Almighty, however, believes that the most likely does not replace the right thing.

And will go talk to adhere to render valuable Balastenbatat presumptive fraud, of the Muslim issue of “homosexuality” and that unfortunately was he who would abuse and sentenced to death for merely exercising their sexual orientation! And if the pluralism of Islam, which before the text of the Koran you () own religion, your religion, does not accept pluralism in sexual orientation, and wonder of all wonders, who accepted the difference in the character of the Creator and he and consider the multi-denominational, do not accept the mere discussion of religion as it branches Expression.

At the beginning of the study wanted to convey this passage from the book letters Safa brothers, who will speak and conduct refers to the substance of different Moradi
Doctrines and opinions and beliefs among the people of one religion and one messenger Afteragahm in the subject matter and different languages and Ohoep their differing views and new born scientists and their supervisors who violate Ihsbonhm and request them to the presidency of the world, had it goes: (violated know) because if not Put differences, including the heads of scientists were not with the presidency, and they have started one, because most assets are in different sections.

It not our right to participate in the different sections and discuss the evidence on the subject in the light of the book year

And from here starts the study prepared by the improvised to adopt in the field of jurisprudence a new chapter in understanding the religious texts of evidence and proof, not contradictory interpretations of the text itself obsolete Is Islam bans homosexuality as already learned in schools and universities? Do what I firmly believe his health is true, the case that can not be called into question, I always trying to get rid of homosexuality Mule grounds that it is immorality and debauchery that take a client sins in the bottom of hell, but that started to study the subject carefully and consciously clear to me is not another illustrated books Unfortunately the Islamic heritage, and that homosexuality is not prohibited in itself
Yes, Islam has never prohibited! The reader will wonder whether this is aware of what he says and goes where tens of texts from the Koran and the year undoubtedly go Ptharimha
Do you already are well or not this what we learn through this study and outlined by the grace of God Sovsal more in the future, there is no reason to leave religion or sex is the same creator of Asia because of this erroneous interpretations of the texts that have accepted the case and set forth in, and will be The focus of this study focused on understanding of these texts from the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet honest difference in Islamic and non-validity of the show was not disciplined Madarkh entrusted to make its meaning and behavior, which varies depending on conditions in mind and people do not serve as the focus of inter-nation provisions of the day Easter tolerant and easy Sharia be based on how difficult Astenbatat troubled? Aptina and its meaning to the deduction presumptive fraud prerequisite for the Queen and many evils which they considered the specific industrious and make it possible to collect are probably hidden unruly.
According say prohibiting homosexuality several texts of the Koran and novels Chna and deprive accused of homosexuality, before going into listed and non-Pena integrity Astdalalathm false together, we will be dismantled and study their parts to complete the overall picture of the position of Islam homosexuality.

We will start the first legislative source in Islam and agreed upon by all Muslims in different denominations and their teams and that differed in the interpretation and interpreted the Holy Koran is the book, which is done by the wrong hands or his successor, and who did not leave God is obligations under Sharia So we need to completeness stories in absentia and false views of corrupt and jurisprudence is null and how it and God Almighty said: The book gives an account you went for everything, “said the Almighty says: What Frtna nothing in the book

And this will prove that the Koran does not deprive homosexuals of the same and it will be seen as Iguennha us and prove that the search would be in conversations attributed to the Prophet Pray God bless him and just to prove him an additional Koran and talk raises violated by the opposition does not provide presumptive evidence of As is well known deterministic at all wise and Sunnis can not prove the originality of which the assets of Islam and reminded us why we say no weight Indigenization and we say to you: All teams have a team of narrators of the Prophet and all talk of the Task Force document shows men caught and found their situation more detail The whole team did not believe all the news carried by the seed of other false pretext that they Mptdon Djagelh Asher of the Jews and Christians want to demolish the debt because of how this talk could Npini out of the assets of debt during the year? How could distinguish right from wrong and all the other teams throwing Party appeal, attack? If assets must be human and not human verses is not even identified differences in how to take it, we say that all the teams frequently claims that the assets proved through cutting and certainty, and men who are persons of recognized competence The Thagohm and Nsoa Aadalthm to have been taken to the original Benoh This is in itself a source in the assets continued to show Islam because all the teams accused the other of lying to the seed of the Prophet and all the other teams Balzndgah accused of discord and division accused of infidelity and all other Party ignorance and stupidity, how people can know that their assets Both teams Taatdei that its assets through frequent recall?! How can discrimination of the seed of discord just misguided? Not this shows that the human origin and not conjugal he is not in the Koran? Is not this proof that the origin outside the limits of the Koran and the Koran, God said that every indication of something?

That modern science and knowledge of his people and his people by mistake and likely slippage and frequent rule-modern humans, as well as he indicated, as well as how to insure that we continue to not hit a real imbalance? The scientists disagree at times reminiscent say it frequently and sometimes they say it is not frequently All these things that are hard Icolunha How to build personal assets out of the jurisprudence of Islam, human error and potential for slippage? And find scientists are often the difference in determining the talk in terms of whether it was authentic as a duty or whether Undesirableness issued to privacy, or after this hatred, how to build on these efforts of our assets are subject to error and slippage?

And the development of modern science and its norms and assets of people or whether the Koran? And why the Koran remains to this day Mahfouz of the increase and decrease, change and manipulation by the year narrators admitted lying Heretics and talk innumerable placed on the Prophet and Islam? And why God did not originally Ayasl the frequency with which the guarantee that God said (and you come down on the book gives an account of each Chi)? Does the Koran and the Prophet down to different people in determining their assets or agree? And why scientists have been deprived tradition in assets and branches they endorse? And if the teams have built originally from the assets of Islam through the frequent talk and the seed of the rival me and said you deny your men and you lie, you Nspettm the original guest to the prophet may Allah bless him and God, how can we have peace and El show them that we continue to believe to be true and reliable and The men without relying on the Koran? Is that evidence and the fundamentalist required to be of significance within the text or from outside the text? And is God revealed the Koran was first revealed to the Muslims or all Muslims at all times and places?

Assets of Islam, the Koran and not human to read the word of God the Almighty that he was found to have no origin of the assets of Islam neglected God in Every holy book out of it over religion and Islam, God said in his book how and the Holy God Almighty described the book as a decent (Blessed Furqan, who took slaves to be a precursor to the worlds), that God Almighty described the book as Furqan found that the purpose of landing a statement that the Koran is right and the removal of the dispute and the conflict between humanity El them to be, and it shows them right from wrong and to know their origins, they must work and belief And the Almighty said that the Koran (Quran This is the guides to that which I promise believers who do good deeds that they have paid great), that the Koran guides to that which is what I need something from the people or the Koran to be a source of guidance is a different fight and Valhdaih not be split But mention the things that Muslims should believe and work because of our religion and a house of God Aziz al-Hakim, and our assets must not Wahda difference if the Koran did not mention issues that needed fundamental rights not be a source of guidance for Muslims as how to be a source of guidance is neglected the most important issues fundamentalist Should not be different, and because of fighting and after the ad did not mention this verse, but the assets of guidance from the Unseen and the establishment of faith and prayer and faith to bear Zakat books and messages the previous day and the other described the Almighty that the Koran (R book sent down to you people out of the darkness into the light path to the permission of their Lord, Aziz Hamid ), That the Koran has revealed the great God to the Prophet and God honored the best of divine blessings and delivery people to come out of the darkness into the light of how God had mapped the darkness of light and ignore the assets of Islam and I do not even know prescribed by the Muslim right from wrong and the requirements of the things he has to religion If the Koran followed less of the fundamentals of Islam as described God as a book in which people come out of the darkness into the light show to say God (and you went book gives an account of everything, a guidance and mercy and glad tidings for Muslims) that he is safe over the issue of fundamentalist religion, Islam has not specified God Almighty God the Almighty to ensure everything needed showing the Muslim religion and evidence that all my assets by over religion and the Koran, Islam had originally, including the best statement, said that Hat Guide AP mean assets without branches to detail? I said: God Almighty has said the Tawhid and prophecy, faith and re-angels, books, and left behind a prayer and almsgiving and fasting and pilgrimage in the Holy Quran and originally Tasila categorically unequivocally even at the grassroots but said .. Bur parents and the prohibition of alcohol and several women and duration of breastfeeding the child as a full Holin, marriage, divorce and the sanctity of lying R. Rdalthia adultery, religion and even the Koran and explained some of the separation of assets and branches ..

Koran, which reflect each Shi. The evidence says yes (and you went all the book gives an account Chi) This is God’s book says that Aziz house blessings of God and the God of peace and every something indicating this verse shows that absorbed all the assets of the Koran, Islam Fman out, but the original was confirmed by the Koran and because The Koran is our constitution Mrdjana a great Muslim does not differ all that needs authoritative human assets, whether worshiping, or process it because it is God is here to ensure Betbianh found clear out all the frequency is the subject of human origin, because God Almighty that his book between home On the messenger (and you went all book revealing something) .. Vtdber and think it is impossible to reason that there is not already reflected in God .. God vowed to demonstrate everything. Each continued outside the limits of the Koran is out of a lie .. Fattaml

Ended the first part, in the second part I will talk about the verses which indicate the prohibition on homosexuality and her .. Vantzeroni
Sunday, May 4, 2008
To prove that Islam is the prohibition of homosexuality / Part II

Homosexuality in the Koran

Stronger as evidenced by the prohibition on homosexuality in the holy Koran is the story of Lot’s people for peace, and portray homosexuality as the cause terrible suffering entitlement, regardless of being infidels Jehdoa length of a prophecy by committing to peace and many of the taboos mentioned by the Quran
Karim addition to the assault on the Prophet, peace be upon him and the length of exposure and if we look at the stories of the Prophets, peace be upon them we would see that most of the clans had lied pleased with hostility and Nasbohem Fasthakoa so severe punishment of God
The Ikzbok has lied before them the nation of Noah returned Thamood and the folk of Abraham and sodomites and owners of the debtor and lied Moussa Vomlit for the unbelievers and then was taken How Inker 42-44 pilgrimage

Lied to the nation of Noah before them, and returned with pickets and Pharaoh 12 Al-folk of Noah before them lied and parties after them and Himmat Brsulem of every nation and they take it wrongly argued for the right Idhoudoa Vokzthm How lenient punishment 5 and Thamood and sodomites and owners of the Wood All of those parties, however, lies the Apostles right punishment 13 am -14

    The dubious medical advice of Dr Majid Katme, a respected figure in the British Muslim community, is placing lives at risk.

      Brian Whitaker

      By Brian Whitaker

      Which is the greater menace: Hizb ut-Tahrir or the Islamic Medical Association of the UK? “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, (The Party of Liberation) has some crazy and unpleasant policies; it makes a lot of noise, works hard to recruit students and causes trouble on campuses. But it’s not alone in doing that and, as I suggested on Cif yesterday, we probably worry about it too much.

      The Islamic Medical Association, on the other hand, sounds like a respectable body. It claims to have been in existence for 35 years and its head, Dr Majid Katme (MBBCh, DPM) talks frequently about “our Christian friends” and “our Jewish friends”.

      Dr Katme got a sympathetic write-up in the Daily Mail only a few months ago when he was among the “prominent Muslims and Jews” who “united with Christians … to voice concern at laws boosting gay rights”.

      Dr Katme is big on “interfaith dialogue” and he met the late Pope John Paul twice. Following the Pope’s death, he paid tribute by writing (rather grandly):

      “We jointly campaigned for the life of the unborn, chastity, femininity, marriage/family vales reproduction motherhood natural family planning, parental responsibility …

      We jointly campaigned against abortion, adultery/fornication, population control, homosexuality and lesbianism, prostitution, sex education, school based clinics … “

      Interfaith dialogue, as far as Dr Katme is concerned, seems to be nothing more than a meeting of the most reactionary minds. Among his various roles, he is “Muslim coordinator” for the anti-abortion organisation, Spuc, and one of his articles appears on a Mormon website .

      The “evil” of homosexuality is a matter on which Dr Katme and Hizb ut-Tahrir undoubtedly agree, though in the eyes of the Daily Mail it is the views of the respectable Dr Katme (MBBCh, DPM) that carry weight.

      But let’s look at some of the other issues on which Dr Katme claims to speak on behalf of Muslims.

      For instance, he’s a vigorous campaigner against the fluoridation of drinking water. He’s entitled to his own opinion on that, of course, but I’m sure fluoride isn’t mentioned in the Quran. Even the ultra-conservative Saudis seem unaware that it’s sinful and are thinking of adding more to their water supplies.

      You might also get the impression from listening to Dr Katme that Muslims are unanimously opposed to abortion – but they are not. In fact, Islamic scholars hold a variety of opinions and some of them are quite liberal, allowing abortion up to 120 days after conception.

      In addition to that, Dr Katme has ideas for reforming the National Health Service by introducing Saudi-style gender apartheid.

      In a comment posted on the Times website about proposed new guidelines to regulate sexual conduct between medical staff and patients, he wrote: “Single sex environment in clinics and in hospitals is the safest and best way forward … female medical staff with female patients and male medical staff with male patients.”

      Nobody would dispute that male-female contact in a medical situation can be a sensitive matter, but Dr Katme’s “solution” is ludicrously extreme. The Islamic Medical Association of North America, however, takes a “” far more sensible view. In answer to the question: “Can a female physician do genital/rectal examination of male patients?” it replies: “Yes, but in the presence of a male nurse or male relative of the patient.”

      By far the most alarming and dangerous of Dr Katme’s reactionary activities is his campaign against the vaccination of children – claiming that many vaccines are not “halal”.

      Dr Katme has a simple alternative: “If you breastfeed your child for two years – as the Quran says – and you eat Quranic food like olives and black seed, and you do ablution each time you pray, then you will have a strong defence system.”

      This is dangerous, ignorant nonsense, as the Department of Health, the British Medical Association and various Muslim groups have pointed out. Even the Saudi authorities disagree: polio vaccination, for example, is compulsory for any child entering the kingdom.

      Dr Katme does, however, appear to approve of

      vaccination against lesbianism

      – “We must vaccinate our children against this curse” – but perhaps in that particular case it’s the lesser of two evils.

      The real problem, though, it that Dr Katme is a respected figure in the British Muslim community. Mothers who wouldn’t dream of listening to Hizb ut-Tahrir will listen to him. Many may also prefer his word – as a “good Muslim” – to that of the Department of Health or the BMA. How many of them, I wonder, have stocked up on “Quranic olives” and black seeds in the hope of protecting their children from dangerous diseases?

      By Brian Whitaker Friday May 11, 2007

      Where can same sex couples get legally married in  the US?